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The C250 have been phased out. Find a replacement product at the Product Overview.

A vision (mixer) for the future!

C250 is our first design of a extremely clean vision mixer, operated almost entirely by touching the multiviewer of an ATEM switcher. But we are pretty sure you won’t mind the occasional swipe of the T-bar either!

No buttons. Just feel. The C250 switches the inputs to Preview or Program by a single touch on the multiviewer. The T-bar takes care of any transitions you fancy. The rest? As with any SKAARHOJ product the point is customization and focus. Your laptop will do well in setting all the details, let your hardware interface service your runtime operation with a no-nonsense feature set. Meet the C250. The C250 also has a form factor close to the famous Roland V4 vision mixer preferred by many VJs over time. Combined with an ATEM TeleVision Studio, the C250 might be just that interface that can ease your transition to HD VJ’ing.

  • 8 inch touch screen
  • HDMI input up to 1080p
  • Slider for transitions (“T-bar” option available)
  • Complete with EtherMega inside
  • Bolt-eye for stripping power cable
  • Stylish and durable blue anodized aluminum enclosure
  • VESA 75 mount and 1/4"-20 thread under bottom: Fits camera mounting plates
  • 100% Creative Commons design (CC-by-sa)

(Images may display optional features. Please check with feature list)

Normal version of the C250
T-Bar version


Get the mythical T-bar in this little power house! For an extra 360$ we give you the cockpit feeling with a quality hall-effect type T-bar. Plastic version no longer available - only Metal with bullet or barrel handle.


All SKAARHOJ designs are open source and you therefore have a license to create and modify our designs on your own! If you wish to do so, please visit the development wiki where you will find schematics, PCB designs, BoM lists, enclosure CAD drawings etc. All available info for assembly and testing is found there if it exists in explicit forms.

We do sell a number of components (such as PCBs) for DIY enthusiasts. This is found on the DIY product page

Our Assembly Service

As an alternative to DIY we offer a combined hardware kit and assembly service of our designs. 

What you get is:

  • Assembled C250 design with chosen options
  • 7,5V Power Supply
  • Networking cable
  • FTDI-USB programming cable
  • Preconfigured with SKAARHOJ C250 Sketch or according to agreement
  • Assembly Instructions, Manuals and Software: See skaarhoj.com/wiki/

Designs and Options are:

  • C250 Touch Controller: $2.299,00 USD
  • + Option: T-bar (metal): $360,00 USD

You place your order by email and pay by bank transfer - please read the "Pricing, Terms and Conditions" page for more details.