10 source select buttons, small form factor, power in a nutshell

The E21-CMB6 MII extends what’s possible in a small enclosure. Up to 10 inputs on separate program and preview buses that you can use together to quickly and accurately select the right source for air. The SHIFT button provides access to input 11-20 so the E21-CMB6 MII covers any of the ATEM switchers. And you get plenty of dedicated buttons for keyers and mediaplayer selection. The SmartSwitch Menu provides easy and quick access to all ATEM parameters thanks to the UniSketch software loaded directly onto the unit. This even covers controlling BMD Camera parameters. Configuring a hardware control panel has never been this easy.



E21-CMB6 MII Features

  • 27 Broadcast quality 15 mm buttons
  • Display for system state information
  • Slider
  • SmartSwitch Menu
  • Option: PoE
  • UniSketch web interface for extensive configuration

Physical Specifications

  • Enclosure Size 23 x 10.7 x 3.5 cm (top multi turn dial height: 5 cm)
  • Weight 0.610 kg


With the Power over Ethernet option you can communicate and power the E21-CMB6 with a single cable (PoE compatible switch/hub required).

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  • E21-CMB6 MII: MSRP $1.999,00 USD
  • + Option: PoE: $70,00 USD

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