It's no beauty contest

It's a simple task, it just needs to be functional and it's highly unique what your customer asks. But you don't want a sledgehammer to crack your nut. The Broadcast Button Shield to the rescue!

Application ideas range from doorbell to routing on a BMD Micro Videohub to selecting robotic camera presets to enabling the Downstream Keyer on you ATEM Switcher. Versatility.

Arduino shield ready for up to 4 LP11 buttons. The shield fits in a standard Arduino plastic enclosure. It is envisioned as a quick and easy way to provide a relatively professionally looking control interface for customizations in the broadcast industry. The buttons are connected directly to the digital out pins on the arduino, both for input and LED control (using the 4 PWM outputs of standard arduino boards). Notice: LP11 buttons must be purchased separately.

  • Arduino Mega shield size
  • Fits in standard arduino enclosure
  • Supports 4 buttons fixed color mix or 2 buttons in PWM controlled variations or red/green
  • Notice: Buttons purchased separately! (LP11)


More information on making the breakout board yourself can be obtained on the development wiki. You may prefer to buy the PCB from me, but it's an easy task to solder the remaining components on the board.


In the package:

  • An Arduino shield as shown on the pictures (no enclosure or Arduino included)
  • 2 LP11 buttons

Notice: Additional buttons must be purchased separately. See the DIY page. I will solder then on the board in the configuration you like according to individual agreement.

Before ordering, make sure to read about pricing, terms and conditions for open source software and hardware.

Price: 107$