Caught in the middle!

In need of a T-bar - but on a budget? Want multiple ATEM features available for various occasions? The "C100" is the grown up indie ATEM controller with a basic button array for bus selection out of the box while user buttons deliver the specialities for your particular situation. It's everything the "C50" does but less than the Blackmagic Broadcast Panel. And so is the price. I deliver from $1299 or you DIY for free.

The "C100" is probably the only 1U rack control you can find for the ATEM Switchers from Blackmagic Design. Well, it's actually a general purpose button panel with a slider and display along with software libraries that will put you in charge of much more (such as a Videohub or presets of a robotic camera if you fancy). But it really shines as an ATEM controller. It's not more than enough. It's just enough. And that's the point. Building on the feature set of the "C50" control module it gives you more features and flexibility, letting you customise options in the field with the menu system. But still to the bone. Switch video with it. Configure settings on your laptop.

1U unit of black steel (open back) or brushed aluminum with 13 buttons backlit with red and green LEDs which can be dimmed individually to create color variations. A beautiful 2x16 character white on black display along with an analog slider and 2 rotary buttons are fully programmable as well. The buttons are mounted on SKAARHOJ BI8 boards. All components are wired to an Arduino breakout shield. The units are easily programmed using the SkaarhojBI8 and ATEM Arduino Libraries.

  • 1U rack size steel front plate (open back) or brushed aluminum
  • 13 backlit buttons on two BI8 boards
  • Transparent button lids for custom labels
  • Slider control (analog)
  • 2x16 chars backlit display (white on black)
  • 2 rotary buttons (programmable)
  • 20cm flat cable and Arduino Breakout shield
  • Mounting rail for Arduino board


There are a number of steps involved in creating a C100 module on your own:





In the package:

  • C100 module mounted steel rack blind (Black+Brown) with semi open back or in an Aluminum enclosure (Deluxe), including an Arduino Mega with Ethernet shield.
  • And of course: Necessary cables to connect it, program it and power it.
  • The unit can be pre-programmed according to individual agreement.

Before ordering, make sure to read about pricing, terms and conditions for open source software and hardware.

(Product discontinued, new model is C101)