ATEM Economy Control, yes?

Your most important switcher runtime features at your fingertips - leave the rest to your laptop! The C50 control panel gives you an array of buttons for bus selection, cut, auto, keyers or whatever ATEM feature is important to you during your live production. I deliver from $731 or you DIY for free.

The "C50" control module is by nature general purpose. But honestly, I must admit that I conceived it with the Blackmagic Design ATEM Switchers in mind. It's the firmware you upload to the Arduino that determines what the push buttons do. You can control a Blackmagic Design Videohub, a Panasonic AW-HE120 robotic camera or them all at once! In any case, the "C50" has a nice "broadcast-feel" to it with sculptured cap backlit push buttons - just like the ones in the original ATEM Broadcast Panel.

Technically the unit is a 1U half rack width acryl front plate with 13 buttons backlit with red and green LEDs which can be dimmed individually to create color variations. The buttons are mounted on SKAARHOJ BI8 boards which are wired to an Arduino breakout shield. The buttons are easily programmed using the SkaarhojBI8 Arduino Library.

  • 1U half rack width (20cm)
  • 13 backlit buttons on two BI8 boards
  • Transparent button lids for custom labels
  • Acryl front plate (white, black, brown)
  • Mounting options: on rack side rail or on flat back plate (M3 thread)
  • 20cm flat cable and Arduino Breakout shield
  • Auditorium 42

    At the Technical University of Denmark the C50 modules are used in compact flight cases with ATEM switchers to facilitate fast and flexible live video from lectures.

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There are a number of steps involved in creating a C50 module on your own:





In the package:

  • C50 module mounted on acrylic plastic
  • 20cm flat cable connected to Arduino breakout shield
  • Colors: Shiny White, Black-in-Black, Retro Brown (with brass screws!)

Before ordering, make sure to read about pricing, terms and conditions for open source software and hardware.

(Product discontinued, new model is C51)