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Here you'll find information of all the components we have developed and hardware products that goes into our controllers. Development and improvements of existing or new controllers sometimes happens quite fast and we can't guarantee that everything is up to date - but we do our best!

DIY Electronics

Introduction to all the main components that you'll find inside a SKAARHOJ device. These tutorials are a simple shopping list and a recipe on how to bake your very own controller.

Mechanical Design

For creating your very own enclosure the following tutorials will give a great insight in the parameters you can change, for achieving exactly what you're looking for.


Great tutorials on how to make diagnostics on a single component or a fully assembled controller.

Hardware Design Project

Here is a list of hardware components that typically goes into assemblies with other components to form a larger unit:

Other Hardware Products

Composite Design Projects

These projects are assemblies of various stand-alone hardware components into a unit that serves a specific purpose:

Enclosures and Online Cutting service

If you know about cool enclosures, please list them here:

If you know about places to get aluminium and other metals cut online, please list them here:

Start-up Design Projects

These projects are ideas under development. Join it in the early phase!