Introduction to Arduino Ethernet and Arduino Mega + Ethernet Shield

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Arduino Development boards come in a number of variations. You should go to to read more. For SKAARHOJ devices we use either the Arduino Ethernet or the Arduino Mega (+ Ethernet shield).

The Arduino Ethernet is a little nifty board, attractive because of it's compact size - it has 32kb ROM and 2kb RAM. It's best for small projects!

Arduino Ethernet.
Arduino Ethernet.

The Arduino Mega (with Ethernet Shield) has more memory and is great for larger project with more code line. It has 256kb ROM and 8kb RAM. You need this if you want to drive an LCD display with a large menu structure. Or embed a web server!

Arduino Mega with Ethernet Shield.
Arduino Mega with Ethernet Shield.

In this video Kasper presents both boards and talks about their pros and cons. Furthermore the Breakout Shield is presented that allows us to connect individuals components to the Arduino via a flatcable. Buy the Breakout Shield at DIY Items

Boards Recommended for Controlling ATEM Switchers


  • Enclosure (RS part number: 715-4088)
  • 7.5V Power Supply for Arduino (RS part number: 721-2033) - although you can supply it on 12V and higher you don't want that if you are driving LEDs and displays from it's internal 5V voltage regulator. So this Power Supply Unit (PSU) seems quite adequate.