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These are libraries for the Arduino platform related to the products on this wiki

Notice: Some libraries depend on each other, so if it doesn't compile right away, check if such a dependency exists (just look at the errors) and install the missing library as well. You could also just install everything of course, that wouldn't hurt really.

Installation from GitHUb

Before downloading have a look at our Protocol Overview to learn more about the library.

All our software is maintained and distributed through GitHub. You will have to download it from there. Then follow these Steps to install an Arduino Library from GitHub

Protocol implementation libraries (from SKAARHOJ)

Libraries communicating with third party products:

Product libraries (from SKAARHOJ)

Libraries targeted at a specific hardware product made by SKAARHOJ:

Support libraries (from SKAARHOJ and others)

Libraries creating convenience abstractions to hardware components of various products. This is everything from single chips to composite boards for general purpose use (such as the BI8 boards).

And a lot more!

You may find it convenience to just download the ZIP file below with all SKAARHOJ libraries:

In this file, all the libraries from Github, Arduino Libs are in one file.

Custom Mods

Mods to Touch Screen for TVS