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Please Notice: The Wiki have been discontinued and will no longer be updated. Information found on this page is not a reflection of our current developments.

This is the development wiki for SKAARHOJ controllers. You can find DIY and other development information on these pages.

All information, including downloads of schematics, board designs, Bill-Of-Materials etc you can find at the SKAARHOJ GitHub Repository and is provided for free under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA unless otherwise stated. Software is mostly licensed under GNU/GPL. The GitHub Repository is always the place to find the latest on developments and Arduino Libraries.

If you are simply interested in a quick introduction to the various SKAARHOJ controllers, take a look at For latest updates on which ATEM Software Control/ATEM Firmware we support, look at the manual page.

How to Get Started

If you're the owner of a SKAARHOJ controller and want to get started with programming or customizing your device, we provide some tutorials that'll take you through each step. We suggest you start by confirming a connection to your device in Connecting to your ATEM switcher

After you have successfully made connection with your SKAARHOJ controller and wants to get your hands dirty with the source code, look in the Working with the ATEM Arduino Library section

Working with the ATEM Arduino Library

Differences between ATEM Models - Some notes on the differences between the TVS, 1ME and 2ME.

The Arduino

Hardware and DIY Electronics

Go to the Hardware and DIY Electronics page, to find all the information you need about components in the SKAARHOJ controllers, how to assemble these and how to debug!

Custom Projects


Contribution and Development Resources

If you wish to contribute, please write to Kasper (see under Contact) for an account. Due to spam problems free account creation has been disabled.

Those of our development files that has passed the initial test of relevance is in SKAARHOJ Open Engineering GitHub repository

ATEM Forum

A great resource for discussing development ideas is the ATEM User forum hosted by Tom Bassford. In particular the Development Forum is recommended for discussion af general development aspects.

There is a sub-forum for SKAARHOJ products at ATEMuser as well. Please use that for development / support related discussions specific for the products on these pages.