Programming an Arduino Ethernet

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Arduino Ethernet.
Arduino Ethernet.

This tutorial demonstrates how you can connect to a standalone Arduino Ethernet either with a MAC or a PC. The connection is confirmed by using the Blink sketch. This is not a tutorial for programming your SKAARHOJ device - we suggest you then start with the Connecting to your ATEM switcher.

What you need:


This demo is performed on Mac OS 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) with Arduino IDE 1.01

Step 1: Download Arduino IDE

Download Arduino IDE at Arduino website under Download. Drag the into your application folder. ArduinoEthernet Download.png

Step 2: Download FTDI Chip Driver

Download FTDI chip driver at FTDI website. Chose the version that fits your system. ArduinoEthernet FTDI.png

Step 3: Mount Download and Install

Open the downloaded .dmg file and mount it. Then open the .mpkg file with the highest version number and complete the installation. ArduinoEthernet SerialDriver.png

Step 4: Reboot

Reboot your system!

Step 5: Connect Arduino

Connect your Arduino Ethernet and your MAC with the FTDI programming cable (Important! The black wire against the BLK pin)

Step 6: Open Arduino

Open the Arduino Application

Step 7: Set Board

Set the right board in Tools -> Board -> Arduino Ethernet ArduinoEthernet Board.png

Step 8: Open Blink Sketch

Open the Blink sketch in File -> Examples -> 01.Basics -> Blink

ArduinoEthernet Blink.png

Step 9: Change Source Code

Change int led = 13; to int led = 9; in line 10

ArduinoEthernet LED.png

Step 10: Upload

Press the Upload button and wait for compiling

ArduinoEthernet LED.png

Step 11: Blinking LED

Observe the blinking LED on the Arduino Ethernet! You have now successful established connection to your Arduino Ethernet


This demo is performed on Win XP

This demo is performed on Win 7