Programming an Arduino Mega

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Arduino Mega.
Arduino Mega with Ethernet Shield.

This tutorial demonstrates how you can connect to a standalone Arduino Mega either with a MAC or a PC. The connection is confirmed by using the Blink sketch. This is not a tutorial for programming your SKAARHOJ device - we suggest you then start with the Connecting to your ATEM switcher.

What you need:

  • Standalone Arduino Mega (Board Model, Mega 2560, R3) // RS part number: 715-4084
  • USA A/B programming cable


This demo is performed on Mac OS 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) with Arduino IDE 1.01

Step 1: Download Arduino IDE

Download Arduino IDE at Arduino website under Download. Drag the into your application folder ArduinoEthernet Download.png

Step 2: Connect Arduino Mega

Connect your Arduino Mega and your MAC with the USB A/B (no power needed)

Step 3: Open App

Open the Arduino Application

Step 4: Set Board

Set the right board in Tools -> Board -> Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK ArduinoMega Board.png

Step 5: Open Blink Sketch

Open the Blink sketch in File -> Examples -> 01.Basics -> Blink

ArduinoEthernet Blink.png

Step 6: Confirm Code

The line 10 needs to be int led = 13; (as per default)

ArduinoMega Led.png

Step 7: Upload

Press the Upload button and wait for compiling

ArduinoEthernet Upload.png

Step 8: Blinking LED

Observe the blinking LED on the Arduino Mega! You have now successful established connection to your Arduino Mega