At SKAARHOJ, our universal controllers are designed to serve the demands of live production for various settings, including OB trucks, remote production, reality shows, studio TV production, and MCR. Beyond their use in traditional broadcast environments, our universal controllers are versatile enough to be employed in a range of other applications such as Education, House of Worship, Corporate, and Government.

Our controllers offer simple and intuitive interfaces that streamline your workflow, freeing you up to focus on what matters - your content. With features such as 100% IP connection, POE, graphical OLED displays, Four-way buttons, Customized faders and knobs, Hall Effect Joystick, and Renown Industrial Design (like aluminum extrusion), our controllers are designed to streamline video switching, audio, and camera control in a broadcast environment. 

One of the biggest challenges is complex interfaces, which can be daunting to navigate without proper training and experience. We have the solution - our controllers offer parameters control customized to your show's specific needs.

Compatibility is another pain point in the industry. Different equipment and software may only sometimes work well together, leading to delays and frustration. We have designed a fully IP-based solution that uses a proprietary protocol to control video and audio devices, ensuring seamless compatibility. One rules them all. 

Scalability is essential for productions that grow and expand. Upgrading equipment can be expensive and time-consuming. Our controllers are future-proof and fully scalable in both directions, ensuring you can add more ME rows control, faders, and preset buttons as needed. New SKAARHOJ integrations will be added as new equipment hits the market.

Customization is also critical for streamlining workflows and saving time during production. Our advanced Reactor software offers a range of customization options; you can run complex scripts and set up virtual triggers - the level of complexity is up to you.

At SKAARHOJ, we offer controllers tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're working on a reality show, studio TV production, or any other project, we have the right solution for you.