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SKAARHOJ continues inventing the future of Live Production Control. We offer high-quality universal tactile controllers which are integrated with other manufacturer products. Those include PTZ cameras, studio cameras, box cameras, vision mixers, video routers, audio routers, audio mixers, replay machines and many more. Our goal is to work with any equipment in live production workflow offering elegant and simple control solutions.


SKAARHOJ integrations are based on strong relationships with our technical partners. Those include the biggest names in the live production industry such as Canon, Panasonic, Sony, ARRI, RED, BlackMagicDesign, Newtec, vMix, BirdDog and many, many more. You can browse all supported devices and check the detailed parameter list in page.

Our engineering team works every day to ensure the most detailed yet the most user-friendly control possible. Most of our integrations are created with a help from the manufacturers – we use the up to date API and add control with dynamic feedback – there is always bi-directional communication between our panel and controlled devices.

Any Panel, Any Device, Any Vendor

Once your desired integration is available in our system you can use it with ANY panel. It is possible to control multiple devices from different vendors at the same time. You can either use default configurations created by our engineers tailoring it to your needs or you can build configurations from scratch. SKAARHOJ gives you full freedom.

Check our existing integrations HERE


SKAARHOJ offers a wide range of panels – from tiny controllers with a couple of buttons to large modular surfaces with buttons, encoders, T-bars, motorized faders and joysticks – operated by volunteer or multiple broadcast professionals.
As every panel works with all of our integrations, the choice of panel is entirely up to you and might be based on different preferences on size, ease of use, ergonomics or physical components layout. The same control can be achieved in multiple different ways, using different controllers and different hardware components.

Our products are grouped by main categories, but there is nothing against using a PTZ controller to operate your vision mixer – if that works better for you, just go for it!

Signature Technology

Each of our controllers is designed and built in Denmark. The common feature for all products is high-quality aluminum chassis, crisp OLED screens and Ethernet plug with PoE capabilities – you only need a Cat5 cable to get going. On top of that we add multiple signature technologies:


SKAARHOJ software allows you to get started in 5 minutes or to go deep into the configuration and build your own layout with sophisticated control of multiple devices. Blue Pill Reactor ™ is a web-based GUI accessible right after typing the controller’s IP address in your browser. You can easily manage all panels that you own and all devices that you want to control.

Once your configuration is ready, store it as a project file and share between multiple controllers or with your colleagues and customers.


One day you can control vMix, another day ATEM – simply change projects with just a single click.

With Reactor you can dive deep into the configuration changing one parameter, add a new layer or just build a totally custom configuration from scratch. We have built a graphical user interface to allow you to make even advanced changes very fast. If you prefer to go level higher – you can access JSON script to tweak your configuration.

We also offer a lot of special features such as virtual triggers to allow different devices to communicate with each other through our software or unique color preset storage.


Uniquely we provide very special solutions which make our products more than just a controller. Those are Raw Panel and modularity which leads to MegaPanel.

Mega Panel

Mega Panel is our new concept for the large multiple ME panel. Instead of making one big chassis you can mix and match any SKAARHOJ controller and create one, two, three, four or more ME rows. Then simply add auxiliary panels to control your PTZ, audio, shot box and make your own perfect combination.

All of the panels can be mounted in the table or supplied with our high-end beautiful wooden frame which makes your Mega Panel feel special and luxurious.

Browse Live Switching and Mega Panel bundles to find your perfect solution.

Side Cars

Our panels can work together! You can mix and match any combination of 2, 3 and more controllers and create one large control surface. When you need more inputs on Master Key One, you can extend it with Master Key 48. If you want visual presets for PTZ Extreme, just add Frame Shot Pro. It will work all together as one panel – no need for special configurations, we created those for you.

Raw Panel

Raw Panel is a solution for system integrators and manufacturers. For those who created software applications and are missing the tactile control bit. Any SKAARHOJ panel can be set to Raw Panel mode – then you program your software to receive and send triggers such as keypresses, pulses and analog values to/from panel – all via simple TCP commands. You have full control and SKAARHOJ becomes your panel – no need to develop hardware from scratch.