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Are you a manufacturer of camera, vision mixer, switching software, audio DSP, robotic arm or crane, video router, audio mixing console – literally any equipment or software that require tactile control with buttons, encoders, joystick, t-bar, faders?

If yes, this section is for you.

Follow the path each of our partners took and make SKAARHOJ your controller

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You have two options to integrate with SKAARHOJ:

Choose the one that fits your situation...

Raw Panel

Raw Panel is a protocol designed for manufacturers who want complete control over a SKAARHOJ panel.You can implement how the controller behaves, what is displayed on screens, how buttons, encoders, faders interact with your product. Essentially, we deliver hardware which you can program according to your needs. By using simple TCP commands, you can take full bi-directional control over our panel.
The Raw Panel API is open to use by anyone, including manufacturers and third-party system integrators. 

Here you can download the Raw Panel Manual

More info can be found in the Raw Panel Booklet

Device Core

One of SKAARHOJ biggest strengths is its ability to control multiple devices of different vendors. If you want your product to be included in SKAARHOJ Blue Pill ecosystem you should contact us. We will discuss which panel or panel series will control your device and which parameters you want us to implement. Then the magic happens, and our engineers create a Device Core for your device – we add your commands in our software and those can be used by any existing or new SKAARHOJ customer and assigned to any panel or hardware controller. Furthermore, we can add your device to one of our generic configurations, which includes the most common parameters shared by multiple products (such as generic PTZ camera control), or we can create a configuration that is tailored specifically to your device.


SKAARHOJ can build custom panel just for you.

If you are interested in any custom hardware or software, please reach out to us. We are open for discussion.

You can contact us on