vMix V2


vMix 2.0 A better, richer experience.


vMix 2.0 is a complete rewrite of our implementation of vMix, and offers alot of new features:
With the new device core you can:

  • Control all the 4 mixes
  • Route Outputs, SRTs and external .
  • Select,  enable and disable MultiView Sources
  • Start and stop the Playlist. you can also go to next or previous item.
  • Start stop specific streams (or all streams)
  • Control the Multicorder
  • Work better with shortcuts, now vMix detects when you press a button assigned with a shortcut
  • Get Audio feedback in db or %
  • Enable or disable audio plugins
  • Control the balance (L/R) on audio sources
  • Control audio busses
  • Assign Replay Jog/shuttle onto encoders
  • Replay record start/stop and "jump to now"

How to use vMix 2.0

To use the new vMix Device core, you need to install the vMix 2.0 core on your UniSketch OS based controller and Have the vMix 2.0 Proxy software installed on your PC (release history)

You must update your controller with firmware updater v.1.0.6 or above to install.

vMix 2.0 will not work when adding other device cores on your controller, so please only use this core by itself.

The 'vMix Bridge' and 'vMix Proxy' helper apps are only needed when using our Unisketch products.

We have transitioned our vMix development to our new Blue Pill platform. Please use any of our Blue Pill products to get the latest integration with vMix.


A Note on Windows Defender Firewall private network & public network

In order for the vMixBridge application to work properly you need to make sure the application is granted access to either your Private Network or your Public Network dependent on which network the SKAARHOJ controller is connected to.