Pricing, Terms & Conditions

Pricing, Terms & Conditions
Pricing, Terms & Conditions
Read about how we price our products and how you can get the prices in the currency you want to pay with
All our products have 1 global MSRP, which is exclusive sales taxes, import Duty and shipping cost

All our products have 1 global MSRP, which is exclusive Sales Taxes, Import Duty, Shipping Cost, and Payment Cost – being SWIFT Cost when using Bank Transfer or Transaction Cost using Credit Card or Paypal)

IP address
in US or Canada
If you have an IP address in US or Canada, you will see USD prices
IP address
in the rest of the world
If your have an IP address in the rest of the world, you will see a EURO price

If you want to trade in another currency than what you see, when entering our web shop you should first register as a customer and then contact our sales team or order management team to have your currency changed (BUT please remember – we offer only USD or EURO)

Shipping Cost
Read about our shipping cost and agreements
Shipping process
Shipping to SKAARHOJ
When a RMA has been issued, you will be responsible for any costs associated with the delivery to the SKAARHOJ service center. Your original product packaging should be used for all product returns. If you do not have the original packaging, please find alternatives and ensure the product is protected during transportation.

The product is shipped to the following address:



Rosenkaeret 11c, Ground Floor

2860 Soeborg



Where RMA # corresponds to the RMA number issued by SKAARHOJ Support. If email, phone number or VAT number is required please use the following:


  • Damage to product caused by poor packaging 

    If the product has suffered damage that was not documented prior to shipment due to poor packaging, a fee will apply to cover the repair of hardware components (or the entire product) as well as the associated working hours spent repairing it.


    • Shipping from outside of the EU

      If the product is being shipped from the outside of the EU a customs invoice must go along with the shipment. Please use the following information

        • Purpose of shipment: Return for Warranty Repair / Return for Non-Warranty Repair
        • Product name: Name of the product
        • Product value: The amount you paid for the product
        • Country of origin: Denmark
        • Taric Code: 8471.80.10
        • Description of goods: Other units of automatic data processing machines: Control or adapter units


      Failure to comply with the above instructions may incur a fee equivalent to the import tariff price and any import processing fees accruing SKAARHOJ.


      Shipping Back to Customer

      When the product is repaired and reviewed for our quality control we will ship it back. By default the product will be sent back to the address which stood as the sender, upon receipt of the RMA shipment to us. If an alternative address should be used please inform us.

      Cost associated with the shipment back are:

      • For products under warranty: paid by SKAARHOJ
      • For other products, the shipment back will be quoted at the same time as the repair.



      • Shipping to countries outside of the EU

        When returning the product we use the following information on the customs invoice

          • Purpose of shipment: Return after Warranty Repair / Return after Non-Warranty Repair
          • Incoterms: DAP (Delivered at Place)
          • Product value: MSRP pricing


        This means the buyer is responsible for import clearance and any applicable local taxes or import duties. Please note it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the import handling via the local tax authority process the customs clearance as a “Return after Warranty Repair/Return after Non-Warranty Repair”. Once the local tax authority begins the customs clearance SKAARHOJ can no longer influence the process. SKAARHOJ recommends contacting the courier service/tax authority for assistance with this process.

        Learn about what to do when you are a new or old customer to our web shop
        The easiest way for all our customers to order our products is through our web shop 
        Customer who haven't tried our web shop
        get an ID and password
        If you have bought from us since 1.7.2018 and have not yet tried our new web shop then please contact our order management team who will provide you with a user ID and password so that you can sign in and experience all the new features will are offering you as well as hawing your basket updated with all the terms, discount etc. that you are entitle to.
        Customer before 1.7.2018
        go straight to the basket
        If your latest interaction with us is prior to 1.7.2018 or if you are a new customer then please proceed directly to our web shop and start adding products to your basket 

        If you have problems using our web shop or if you have special request then you can always contact our order management team.

        Delivery terms
        Our normal Incoterm is DAP

        Our normal Incoterm is DAP which will be offered to all new customers 

        Read here if you are a reseller and want to know more about our products
        Ways to buy products
        You can purchase directly from us on this web shop or through one of our
        accredited resellers.
        If you are already a reseller
        SKAARHOJ has established partnerships with resellers in many countries to bring you a local support for sales, service and supports. If you want to get a list of resellers for your country, please contact us:
        Become reseller
        If you want to become a Skaarhoj reseller, please contact us:
        Credit limits
        Here you can read about our credit limit and learn about the maximum amount of credit
        In order to reduce our risk we have initiated a cooperation with Euler Hermes (A company in the Allianz Insurance Group), where all customers who want to have a term related agreement with us, must have a credit approval from Euler Hermes. 
        Term related agreement
        If you want to have a term related agreement with us, please contact our order Management team who will send you a Term Application Form to be filed with our sales team.  

        If you are approved, Euler Hermes will grant us a credit limit, which is the limit that we will apply to your application

        Read about your payment options
        Our normal payment policy for any new customer is pre-payment.
        pre-payment, bank transfer, credit card or Paypal
        In our new web shop you can do pre-payment either through a bank transfer, a credit card payment or by the use of a PayPal payment.

        If you need to do a bank transfer our IBAN/Swift details are:
        IBAN: DK8779800001194949
        WEEE Information
        Information regarding disposal in countries in and outside of the European Union
        For private households: Information on Disposal for Users of WEEE

        WEE information

        Figure 1

        This symbol (figure 1) on the product(s) and / or accompanying documents means that used electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) should not be mixed with general household waste. For proper treatment, recovery and recycling, please take this product(s) to designated collection points where it will be accepted free of charge.
        Alternatively, in some countries, you may be able to return your products to your local retailer upon purchase of an equivalent new product.
        Disposing of this product correctly will help save valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on human health and the environment, which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling.
        Please contact your local authority for further details of your nearest designated collection point.
        Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in accordance with you national legislation.

        For professional users
        in the European Union
        If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), please contact your dealer or supplier for further information.
        For disposal in countries
        outside of the European Union
        This symbol is only valid in the European Union (EU). If you wish to discard this product please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal